Winter Wishes

“Winter Wishes” is a brand new fairy tale about Ragnell, a young girl who wishes for a life far different from her own. When she gets the chance to make her dreams come true, she finds everything truly worth wishing for was already hers. Unhappy with her life as a peasant, Ragnell is lucky enough to catch a snowflake on the twelfth hour of the twelfth night of the twelfth year and is granted three wishes from the Snow Fairy. Ragnell’s first wish is for fame, hence she becomes a famous dancer, asked to dance all over the world. But all that dancing takes its toll so, tired and sore, she makes her second wish, a wish for luxury and riches. Her wish is granted and Ragnell is made a queen. While reveling in extravagance, Queen Ragnell fails to realize that she also has responsibilities. She forgets to rule over her people and the resulting strife and discord lead to a peasant’s revolt. Facing imminent death, Ragnell realizes fame and fortune are not as wonderful as she imagined. Thus she makes her third wish: to return to the life she knew before.

Excerpt from “Winter Wishes”:

A long time ago lived a little girl in a small village in the dell.

Her dress was soiled, her feet were bare, and her name was Ragnell.


‘Tho her pockets were poor, Ragnell’s life was rich. A fact she did ignore.

For Ragnell yearned for something more and it made her heart full sore.


At the end of the day, the other peasants would laugh and sing and dance,

But Ragnell would sit and dream of a life of which she had no chance.


Little did she know things would change, an adventure lay in store.

Yet one without pirates and dragons like other tales before.



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