“Saint George and the Dragon” is a re-imagined version of a classic tale. The story follows Saint George as he searches for his one true love, Spring. One of the four daughters of Father Christmas and Mother Earth, Spring has been taken captive by her older sister, Winter, who wishes to reign forever. Saint George’s quest for Spring forces him to cross great distances and face many dangers. Along his travels, he meets Spring’s other sisters, Summer and Autumn, who help Saint George by directing him on the right path. Finally, Saint George arrives at Winter’s lair, where Spring is being guarded by Envy, a ferocious and mighty dragon. A great battle takes place in which Envy kills Saint George. Yet all is not lost. Spring calls upon Faith, Hope, and Love to bring Saint George back to life. Saint George then defeats Envy, freeing Spring from Winter’s grasp. The happy couple journeys to the home of Spring’s parents, where Spring’s return in celebrated in grand style.

Saint George and the Dragon

Excerpt from “Saint George and the Dragon”:

Good friend, if you’ll but lend an ear and maybe an eye or two,

I’ll share with you a tale of valor and of a love most true.


Tonight I tell of good Saint George, a brave and valiant knight,

And how, to save his lady fair, a dragon he must fight.


But that’s not all for poor Saint George, as you soon will see.

So, too, must he make a journey long and conquer perils three.


Why to such trials must he apply to test his mettle thereby?

For love of one whose face and call is the fairest of them all.



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