Steampunk romance

Moments from marrying the man of her dreams, seventeen-year-old Sylvia Long is abducted by Gabriel Villeroi, leader of an unorthodox band of explorers known as S.N.U.F.F., the Society for the Novel, the Unorthodox, the Fantastic and the Futuristic. Swept into a world of invention and the supernatural, Sylvia discovers some extraordinary truths about her past as well as a growing affection for Gabriel. Together, Sylvia and Gabriel must face the horrors and wonders of legend in order to save the world.


Excerpt from “Legacy”:

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Legacy was a finalist in the 2012 Rebecca Contest

   “Sir, I do not know what has possessed you to enter my bedchamber but it is of no consequence. I insist you leave at once.”

   I fumed silently as the toad-man pushed away from the bed to casually stroll towards me. Draping an arm over the top of the mirror, the man raked me from head to toe then back again. Returning his gaze to mine, he leaned toward me, removing his spectacles with his free hand.

   My lips parted in surprise. My breath stilled. My pulse quickened impetuously.

  He was indisputably the most gorgeous man in all of London, probably all the world. His face was impossibly smooth, youthful. He couldn’t be much older than my own seventeen years. His piercing ice-blue eyes were surrounded by long, full lashes and were made even more striking by a patrician nose. His face, all sharp planes and angles, appeared to have been chiseled from stone. For a moment, I wondered if he might be a marble statue I once saw of the Greek god, Apollo, come to life. Yet, his disarming smile and a single lock of golden-blonde hair falling unruly over his left eye added an air of rakishness and realism to his otherwise statuesque perfection.

   Shocked out of my senses by his beauty, I was unaware he’d leaned indecently close until I hear a sultry voice next to my ear.

   “Alas, Sylvie, I am neither able - nor willing - to heed your request.”