Speculative fiction romance
First Contact

Felicity just wants to get through her last year of high school without embarrassing herself further. She's even prepared to give up gaming and cosplay to become *shudder* normal. But when her best friend accidentally summons an extraterrestrial whose sole purpose is to annihilate the human race, staying out of the limelight is the least of her worries. She's way more concerned over the fact she and the out-of-this-world-gorgeous alien are now bound together across all time and space.

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Excerpt from “First Contact”:


First Contact won the Young Adult category of the 2013 Rebecca Contest

   My gaze locked with his and the world went all slo-mo, like something right out of The Matrix, each second becoming an eternity. A tingle spiraled its way down my spine, spreading outward, warming the surface of my skin and making my hair stand on end. My chest constricted as if an unseen force had taken hold, slowly squeezing tighter and tighter until my heart ceased beating and I could no longer breathe. Lightheaded, stars twinkled along the edges of my narrowing vision but I couldn't look away. If anything, I wanted to get closer, to immerse myself in the depths of the boy's mysterious eyes. They reminded me of Warren's orb, so many colors blended together, they were like swirling pools of infinity, dark, deep.

   Hannah said loudly, "Damn Felicity, I figured you were desperate but I didn't know you were hopeless enough to throw yourself at a boy."

    Laughter erupted in the classroom, jolting me to my senses.

  Without realizing it, I'd shifted most of the way out of my chair, one foot lifted off the ground. My torso bent forward at a sharp angle, slanted towards the door, one arm reaching towards the gorgeous new guy.

   I panned around. Everyone stared at me, him included.

   My face flamed hotter than a mage's fireball spell.