Dystopian romance

Excerpt from “Blanks”:

Blanks was a finalist in the 2011 Rebecca Contest and in the 2010 Make It Golden Contest

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Seventeen-year-old Elliott Powell is one of only a handful of humans to live past the end of the world. Determined to make her own way in a dangerous land, Elliott begins to build a future that doesn’t include romance. In fact, her new life doesn’t allow boys at all. Yet when Trey Martin crashes, literally, into her world, Elliott is forced to reconsider her no-boys stance. But is Trey really what he says he is - a loner in need of human company? Or is he a threat worse than the deadly horrors of the Apocalypse?




   I know that voice - and I know it well. I know how it sounds as it laughs and teases, coaxing my own laughter in response. I know how it sounds offering tender words of comfort while I'm so overcome with the biting pain of grief that my sobs come out as screams. And I know how it sounds as it whispers in my ear causing a reaction so pleasurable that my heart flutters and my knees weaken.

   Ironically, my knees weaken now - from dread not desire.

   This is the boy who made me believe he was different, better, worthy of my friendship, my respect…and my trust. His presence here, now, awake and undisturbed, is a disaster worse than the end of the world. Yet it explains everything.

   Tonight this traitor has revealed himself as my greatest enemy. He has brought about the downfall of all I've worked for and of those in my care.

   I have to get out of here - now. But to leave I'll have to kill him. Kill the boy I love.