Fantasy romance

Excerpt from “Alliance”:

Alien landscapes copyrighted by All other material owned and copyrighted by Sarah Shade.

Amethyst is a magic-user by birth and by trade. Rare among humans, magic is a crucial element in the on-going war with the elves. While forced to take part in a military attack on an innocent Elven village, Amethyst is taken prisoner. Stripped of her magic, Amethyst must find other means to escape her imprisonment and, more importantly, to flee from the growing feelings she has for the enemy leader, Kyllen. But are the elves truly as evil as Amethyst has been led to believe? Does she, in fact, have more to fear from her own people? And can Amethyst and Kyllen overcome hundreds of years of strife and prejudice to save both their races from an evil that threatens them all?

   I encased the wolf in a block of ice. That threat dealt with, I took a deep breath, ready to resume my assault on the horde of enemies approaching. I turned to find the closest adversary. An arrow sunk into my upper arm. Before I had time to gasp, a second arrow imbedded itself into my thigh. I bent over in pain, my hands grabbing at my leg in reaction, and lifted my head to locate the source of the arrows.

   He was gorgeous; drop dead gorgeous. But as he approached I could see in his eyes that was exactly what he wanted: for me to drop dead.

   Shocked at his beauty, I did nothing for a mere moment, time enough for him to rush forward and encircle my throat with his hands.

   “Let her go…now,” he snarled.

   “What?” I choked out, barely able to make any sound at all.

   “The wolf.” He glanced over his shoulder ever so slightly. “Let her go.”

   “Why…should…I…,” I argued, surprised to find a bit of bravado while facing my imminent demise, or perhaps I just wanted to hear again the beautiful voice of the angel killing me.